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Posted on | 20 Nov 2017 | decker_admin

Internet crimes can take many forms

Committing crimes involving the Internet is a relatively new phenomenon and can encompass a broad range of both misdemeanor and felony charges. Penalties can range from a slap on the wrist to severe fines and prison time if convicted. Internet… Continue reading

Posted on | 13 Nov 2017 | decker_admin

Legal options when you are falsely accused

Whether it’s in the heat of the moment during a dispute or a long and drawn out argument that has turned nasty, sometimes things can go too far and you can be falsely accused of a crime you did not… Continue reading

Posted on | 6 Nov 2017 | decker_admin

Defending yourself against charges of sexual abuse

Aside from being charged with an actual act of sexual abuse, the implied emotional issues that come from such a charge can bring a pointed response from prosecutors, members of the public and others who follow these types of crimes… Continue reading

Posted on | 30 Oct 2017 | decker_admin

Sorting out child abuse charges

Accusations of child abuse are always filled with high degrees of emotion that can tug at the heart strings of a judge and more importantly, a jury. Unfortunately, there are many times that children are used as pawns in battles… Continue reading

Posted on | 23 Oct 2017 | decker_admin

Internet luring enforcement activities are on the rise

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, chat rooms, and dozens of other social media applications have made it easier than ever before to contact just about anyone in the world with an online presence. While we’re more connected than ever before, sometimes the… Continue reading