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I spent nearly seven years dealing with the result of allegations. It was the most emotionally taxing during the legal process for myself & more importantly my family. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Jones & his team, who were able to confidently & respectfully end my case in the span of one month. He was the third attorney in my situation & did more in a month than the others did in 6+ years. I’d recommend to him to anyone in an instant

Professional, Considerate

deckerjoneslaw David Jones

"Unfortunately I had to hire David twice but both times everything worked out better than I expected. David kept me updated and was always easy to get in touch with when I had questions. Professional, considerate and all around great attorney. I would highly suggest David to anyone in need of an attorney." – Troy

Best of the best

deckerjoneslaw David Jones

"Guardian Angels do exist.... I was actually recommended over to David Jones from this other 5 star rated law attorney in Colorado I had interviewed. He told me I had a big case and knew some one who could help me with that type of case since it was a big case and it was too big for him. I respected him for his honesty... that person he recommended me was David R Jones... I was being charged for a level 1 drug felony... I was looking at 8-32 years of jail time... It was so unfair for me.. The DEA was involved it was a big mess. At that time I was 19 years young of age going to 20 when the incident occurred. I’m currently almost 24 and after 3 years of nothing they decided to bring up my case and I had a warrant for my arrest.. it began. The fight for my life and freedom began.... but like the saying says “if you don’t owe anything you won’t be afraid.” Once out on bond and out of jail the race to find my attorney began... The research began. I had to pick the best of the best. I am really good at research since I was in college studying investment management. I had interviewed 10 of the best attorneys in the state of Colorado. All the top 5 star rated in the state of Colorado Ranging from $10,000 - $130,000 .00. I was going to fight... Read More

Always my first choice

deckerjoneslaw David Jones

"David R. Jones was always my first choice to be my lawyer. He handled my case with professionalism and worked very well with my extended family with such a sensitive issue." – Colleen

David saved my life

deckerjoneslaw David Jones

"I am a fairly young and successful doctor. When a woman I had known for over a year and a half became angry with me and accused me of things I had not done, I could have lost everything. I picked David at random from the Internet to defend me. I was sad and scared. David stuck with me for 17 months, believed in me, and fought for me with his clever mind, knowledge of the law, experience, and heart and soul. I was facing 10 years to life, and never being a doctor again. David had the trial dismissed in its entirety the day of jury selection. He gave me everything back. Fortunately it did not come to a trial, but I absolutely know we would have beaten them in the courtroom if it had. I was not scared at all about going to trial. I was calm and prepared, and so was David. I knew we would win, and in a way I was disappointed not to see David in action in the courtroom. He has many years of experience, and is a true trial lawyer. Sometimes things happen in our lives that we don't see coming. If it happens to you, there is no better person you could pick than David Jones. I did not know that at the time when I was doing the same thing you are doing now, which is looking online for help. But take it from someone who has really been there.... Read More

Amazing attorney

deckerjoneslaw David Jones

"David Jones is an Amazing attorney, I can sleep at night knowing he has my back. I am very thankful for this man." – Jenifer

Chris Decker is the right choice

deckerjoneslaw Chris Decker

"In my honest and humblest opinion, I know that there are a ton of great attorneys here in Colorado; however, I am fortunate enough to have come across this firm and to have the opportunity for Chris Decker represent me. My case is still on going, but what I can tell you is that the office staff are so amazing and caring. Marylin, is always available to answer any of my (your questions) if at any point in time you’re not able to get ahold of the attourney representing you. Christine is as astounding in her abilities to pass along any needed information as well. Moreover, what made me chose this firm was researching the top rated trial attorneys in the state of Colorado. This brought me to a handful of articles on Chris Decker. A man who is distinguished in his practice of law and his ability to perform well in trial cases. This is an attourney who has been practicing for over 20 years and has an extensive knowledge of Colorado law and experience in trials. If you do not believe me then google him for your peace of mind. Chris Decker is not an attorney who is just here to take your money and fill you with high hopes. But he is an attorney who will work hard and diligently to fight for you and your case; all the while keeping you informed of every step pertaining to your case and he is upfront and honest with... Read More

Awesome lawyers!!!

deckerjoneslaw Dan Katz, David Jones

"David Jones and Dan Katz are awesome lawyers!!! We have our lives back because of them. Dan believed, cared, prepared, took all the time needed to help my husband with his case. My husband was charged with a crime that he didnt commit, we were scared, depressed, and thought our lives were over. Dan was by our side thru this whole nightmare he was available day and night on his personal cellphone anytime/anyday. I talked to many lawyers on the phone before contacting David and all of them wanted money before hearing the whole story, but David took the time to listen to both of us and tell our side of the story he believed in us and gave us a chance. This nightmare lasted about 2 years we went to trial and on the second day thanks to Dan the case was dismissed!!. Like I said we have our lives back we can think about our future together with our young daughter. There is no other lawyer I would recommend Thank you David and Dan!!" – Veronica

No words can express how thankful I am

deckerjoneslaw Dan Katz

"In August 2019 I started my case with the firm under a different attorney. Due to an unforeseen departure of this attorney I was put in touch with Dan Katz. I felt 100% at ease about the outcome of my situation after our first conversation. We have reached the outcome of my case and I could not be more pleased. I felt right away he had my best interest in mind, and that he would do whatever was needed to get the best outcome all around. The Universe was on my side when pairing me with Mr. Katz and no words can express how thankful I am to have had him on my side! Thank you, Mr. Katz!" – Christine

Case formally dismissed

deckerjoneslaw David Jones

"Doubtless there are few events in the life of a family that can compare with its being informed totally unexpectedly that one of its members has been accused of a crime of sexual assault. And that such a charge is considered legally to be a felony and punishable potentially by a term of imprisonment. To say my wife and I, and our son, were stunned, first at the time of the charge against him, and later, when we were informed that imprisonment was a very real possibility in this instance, is to minimize how profound was the distress each of us felt. Clear to us all straightaway was that a proper and robust legal defense against the claim of wrongdoing by my son was imperative. Whomever we sought for the defense attorney for him should have extensive experience in this assault classification, the depth of insight necessary to sift through and prioritize the host of factors both typical of and unique to my son’s case, and the wisdom to formulate a compelling defense of him based on due consideration of those factors. Nothing less than striving for an unassailable counter to the charge would suit. Such a person, and persons, we found in the legal team of David Jones and Chris Decker, of the firm Decker and Jones. The attorneys specialize in Criminal Defense. Following a yearlong series of evidence gathering, character witness gathering, psychological evaluations, court hearings and multiple attorney/client meetings with Mr. Jones, a trial date was set... Read More