5 Stars for Decker & Jones!

Decker & Jones represented a loved one and recently won the case before it came to trail. The extensive knowledge, care, and insight that went into the case was of the utmost professionalism and ultimately won the case. I highly recommend Decker & Jones to any prospective client and trust that he will give you all of his focused time and energy to best represent you or your loved one.


Exceptional Legal Representation

We had a very difficult situation which required complex negotiations with various levels of prosecution to reach cooperative agreements in several different jurisdictions. David demonstrated exceptional expertise and skill in bringing those negotiations to the best possible outcome. I could not recommend his services more highly.



In the Fall of 2010, our lives were turned upside down with a knock on the door from a federal agent. Our son, just 18 years old, was arrested. With absolutely no idea what to do, David R. Jones was referred to us as someone who could help us navigate the judicial system. Not only did he chart the course, he steered our ship through rough storms, kept us steady and reassured, and eventually we landed on solid ground! DR provided the legal expertise we needed. But more importantly, for us, he became our rock. He was honest, confident, and dependable. We were so fortunate to have David and his team on our side!


Utmost Professionalism

I stood accused of a crime that if convicted, carried a substantial jail term. My case was also complicated by an out of state component. I called several local attorneys but found David to be the only one that would listen to my entire story without a substantial retainer. It was immediately clear to me that David and his staff had the necessary experience to successfully represent my case. David's explanations of what to expect were clear and concise. As the case proceeded through the system, David's knowledge of each step, and subsequent steps, provided a huge amount of reassurance for me and my family. The amount of compassion and caring for me and my situation was unexpected, but greatly appreciated! Without David's help, I undoubtedly would have been steamrolled by the courts and sitting in a jail cell now. As the holiday season approaches, my family I now have a great number of things to be thankful for---made possible by David and his staff! I would strongly recommend Decker & Jones to anyone requiring the best representation available!

Erik Holtz

Giving Thanks

As we begin this Thanksgiving holiday we are continually giving thanks to David for his help during our recent involvement with the Colorado Legal System. Of the four attorneys I interviewed , Pat and I are so grateful we selected him, the most capable, knowledgeable and committed attorney to represent me (us) against a system designed to convict anyone accused of an alleged crime. David was not intimidated nor overpowered by the prosecutors’ seemly personal agenda or by the vast amount of resources at the prosecutor’s disposal. David’s professional and personal qualities helped us feel we had a capable, caring friend on our side. He helped us to resist becoming disheartened by the prosecutor’s sinister tactics. Pat and I now realize a person is not innocent until proven guilty in our legal system but is guilty until they can prove their innocence. We did not realize this until we were actually involved in our own criminal defense process. We are positive David’s quick mind, through knowledge of the laws and extensive preparation for court appearances prevented the system from taking away years of my life. Thank you David for choosing to be a defense attorney helping to make sure your clients’ rights are protected so they are not defenseless. Because of David and our experience with the “other side” of the legal system, Pat and I have increased our financial support of Project Innocence and the ACLU. We also no longer say “Justice System” Keep up the good fight(s) – Forever grateful, Arnie & Pat


Saved my career

“I am a teacher who loves her job. One night I got into an argument with my then boyfriend, who called the police. I ended up getting charged with domestic violence. I contacted David immediately and by the very next day he had requested and obtained a court order that prevented the School Board from notifying the parents of all my students that I had been charged with domestic violence. The charge was baseless, but this notification would have damaged my reputation and my career. David convinced the prosecution to ultimately dismiss the case. I was never convicted and expunged any record of this embarrassing incident thanks to The Law Offices of Decker & Jones.” Anonymous Teacher


Saving Johnny

My husband Johnny was convicted of a serious offense after a jury trial. He was represented by a lawyer who did not prepare the case. I remember each time I went with Johnny to court, it was like he was in court by himself. This lawyer shouldn\'t have been called a lawyer. Due to this lawyer’s lack of preparation, Johnny was convicted and faced a minimum mandatory sentence to prison of 32 years to life. Thankfully, a friend referred us to David. David put 100 percent into the case and was able to get Johnny’s conviction reversed. David communicated well with the family and put all his efforts and professionalism into the case from beginning to the end. David was truly on Johnny\'s side and it showed. With David’s help, Johnny went from facing the rest of his life in prison to serving a much shorter sentence instead. We are so grateful we got David on Johnny\'s side. He truly saved his life. Wife Who Almost Lost her Husband Forever.


David saved my life

I am a fairly young and successful doctor. When a woman I had known for over a year and a half became angry with me and accused me of things I had not done, I could have lost everything. I picked David at random from the Internet to defend me. I was sad and scared. David stuck with me for 17 months, believed in me, and fought for me with his clever mind, knowledge of the law, experience, and heart and soul. I was facing 10 years to life, and never being a doctor again. David had the trial dismissed in its entirety the day of jury selection. He gave me everything back. Fortunately it did not come to a trial, but I absolutely know we would have beaten them in the courtroom if it had. I was not scared at all about going to trial. I was calm and prepared, and so was David. I knew we would win, and in a way I was disappointed not to see David in action in the courtroom. He has many years of experience, and is a true trial lawyer. Sometimes things happen in our lives that we don't see coming. If it happens to you, there is no better person you could pick than David Jones. I did not know that at the time when I was doing the same thing you are doing now, which is looking online for help. But take it from someone who has really been there. David will try to resolve your problem, but if he cannot, he is ready and willing and capable of taking it into a courtroom. David loves the law and believes in defending people, and practices essentially by himself. So when you pick David, you get David. He is a wonderful son, husband, and father, in addition to being a wonderful lawyer, and while all his clients cannot say this, I am happy to call him my friend.

Dr. T

Simply Amazing

The Law Offices of David Jones were simply amazing when it came to a dispute I had with my former employer. David and his team were extremely caring, compassionate, and attentive to how my former employer wronged myself and others. In fact, the judge said it could take up to ten business days to come up with a decision, but favored with us the very next day!!!!!! Attorneys can be tricky to choose because you don't know them personally until you meet them. Because I felt so comfortable with David and his team from the first day I consulted with them, I extremely recommend The Law Offices DRJ. Thanks.....Melinda


Simply the best

David Jones is by far the best attorney I have every met, David went through it all with me he saw me go through a drug addiction stood by my side watched and encouraged me to beat the addiction and did everything in his power to make sure i stayed out of prison and fought for me to make sure I got put into the right program witch helped me become who I'am today! Davids wife as well Cheri was also a great help! I would like to personally thank him again through this testimonial for getting me off of Intense supervised probation eight months early. Seriously meant the world to me how much you fought for me that day. I would recommend David Ray Jones to anyone. Once again thank you so much David it was a rough case for the both of us but we worked through it together!!! Also thank you for believing in me :)

Amber Michelle O'Neal

Instant Success

I spent nearly seven years dealing with the result of allegations. It was the most emotionally taxing during the legal process for myself & more importantly my family. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Jones & his team, who were able to confidently & respectfully end my case in the span of one month. He was the third attorney in my situation & did more in a month than the others did in 6+ years. I’d recommend to him to anyone in an instant