The system proceeds under the presumption of guilt in
order to protect the accuser. But what about protecting
the constitutional rights of the accused?

We help defendants navigate the complexities that arise
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Internet Sex Crimes


Any sex-related charge demands immediate legal representation and guidance. Waiting around with your life on the line is not an option. We know how to successfully defend a sex crimes charge and protect your innocence.




The foundation of our practice is trial-tested experience with a track record of winning verdicts. Mr. Jones and Mr. Decker have both successfully tried scores of sex crimes and hundreds of other cases. We are a results oriented firm and we define success as achieving a dismissal of charges, winning the case at trial, or negotiating an acceptable settlement.


Specialized Practice

Our specialized sex crimes practice model incorporates the most advanced trial techniques of jury selection, cross examination, and persuasion. Utilizing these, we are capable of winning difficult cases in this complex and ever-changing area of criminal law. While others “handle” sex crimes cases, we focus and specialize in resolving or trying them with successful results.


Early Representation

Contact us immediately – even if you have not been charged yet. You need a defense team working in your corner to combat the prosecution’s use of all available resources to put you behind bars. Destroying or tampering with evidence, contacting the accuser and other mistakes made without legal advice can backfire and cripple your defense.


Fight Accusations

False accusations of criminal sexual behavior create tremendous turmoil for the accused, the accuser, and those who care for them, not to mention the battle that ensues with authorities. The key to success in such a case is to hire a legal team with experience to successfully expose the flaws in the prosecution’s story so that the charges will be dismissed.


Experts & Investigators

Decker and Jones utilizes experienced investigators and experts in toxicology, psychosexual evaluations, forensic computer analysis, and other related fields. Our comprehensive preparation and litigation of cases often involves integrating psychological, medical and forensic professionals in order to achieve a positive outcome.


As Serious as Murder

Unfortunately, sex crimes cases almost always go to trial because the accused is not in a position to plead without suffering serious consequences, such as the possibility of lifetime supervision and registration as a sex offender. At Decker & Jones, our attorneys take these cases as seriously as we would a homicide because of the life-long stigma and consequences involved. The only way out of these charges is to convince state authorities and then, if necessary, a jury that the accusations are false.

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  • Lifetime Incarceration
  • Lifetime Supervision
  • Lifetime Registration
  • Employment Restrictions
  • Termination of Custody Rights
  • No Contact with Children

A misdemeanor can end your career

Even a misdemeanor conviction can require registration with local police as a “sex offender” or restrictions from public areas where children may be present. Even crimes not involving sexual conduct such as internet-related charges and charges involving graphic images can result in career-ending, life-changing results.

Termination of Custody Rights

The consequences of a sex charge can be forced removal from family, or no contact with a spouse or children. The judicial system will presume guilt before a trial is even set which can be immediately devastating to the person who has been accused. In such a circumstance, a father of six can easily go to a father of none overnight without much of a hearing on the matter.

An accusation can destroy your life

The mere accusation of a sex crime has the power to destroy families, cause job loss, and can follow the accused for the rest of their life, regardless of guilt or innocence. That being the case, it is extremely disheartening that as criminal defense attorneys, we have seen numerous cases of false claims of sexual assault out of anger, revenge, attention-seeking, and regret. No matter how ludicrous the claim, once a “sex offense” has been alleged, the state will generally proceed aggressively and with prosecutorial blinders in place.



Drunk sex turns into a sexual assault charge

Drunk sex is not illegal, but these days young men are being prosecuted for rape for having consensual drunk sex. Even when the allegation seems questionable, prosecutors do not want to risk failing to pursue a valid case and be held accountable later. Regardless of the specific motives of the accuser, the grim reality is that these types of false accusations happen with alarming frequency, and it is not a scenario that you, as the defendant, should face alone. That’s why clients rely on Decker & Jones for defense against date rape and too-drunk-to-consent accusations.

Making accusations for the wrong reasons

We have seen cases where false accusations have emerged only after the accuser learns of infidelity by the accused. We have also seen cases involving claims of sexual assault due to regret and remorse over things done consensually. In one such case, a woman claimed that every act of oral sex over the course of a year was “forced” and “without consent” because she wouldn’t have done that had she known he was cheating. We’ve seen cases where it was claimed that the 50th time she had sex with the accused it was forced and without consent and then admitted to having consensual sex with the accused 50 more times thereafter.

False accusations involving children

As criminal lawyers, a tragic scenario that we encounter is when false accusations come from young children who have been adversely affected by divorce or a highly contentious custody battle. All too often, one parent will disparage the other parent in the presence of a child to garner attention or favoritism. Then the child jumps in with disparaging accusations of their own. A conviction of sexual assault on a child could lead to your rights as a parent being permanently terminated. Teachers, coaches, and anyone in a position of trust can become a target of false accusations as well. As daunting as the charges may seem, Decker & Jones is here to help.

Teens starting rumors to save their reputation

Growing up and developing sexually has become even more challenging with the advent of social media and digital communication tools. “Sexting” is a crime when the individual pictured is an adolescent, but it is happening with alarming frequency. Brains that are still developing are particularly unequipped to deal with the rumors and gossip that spread along with the news of sexual contact. Feelings of regret or a desire for retaliation can lead to false accusations. You do not need to face the consequences of being expelled from school or loosing a scholarship on your own.
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