Reduced Prison Sentence for Jefferson County Truck Driver Aguilera-Mederos

January 4, 2022

Just days before the New Year, Colorado Governor Jared Polis reduced the prison sentence of semi truck driver Rogel Aguilera-Mederos from 110 to 10 years. Aguilera-Mederos lost control of his semi as he descended Interstate 70 and made a series of fatal errors that led to the death of four people and injured several others who were stuck in traffic. After being found guilty of 27 counts, including vehicular homicide, a Jefferson County judge sentenced Aguilera-Maderos to 110 years in prison due to mandatory sentencing restrictions in Colorado law that prevented shorter sentencing.

This sentence sparked national outrage and by Christmas day, over 5 million people had signed a petition asking Governor Polis to grant Aguilera-Mederos clemency or offer commutation as time served.

Mr. Aguilera-Mederos had no prior criminal record and was an immigrant from Cuba who has a wife and young child. Governor Polis reviewed Aguilera-Mederos’ application for clemency and on December 28, reduced Aguilera-Mederos’ sentence from 110 to 10 years. In his clemency letter, Governor Polis called the 110-year sentence “highly atypical and unjust” while also hoping this incident would “spur an important conversation about sentencing laws.” The governor’s commutation also grants Aguilera-Mederos parole eligibility on December 30, 2026.

Watch attorney Christopher Decker’s legal analysis of Aguilera-Mederos’ clemency on Fox 31 Denver here: