What counts when you need to hire a criminal Attorney

You’ve been arrested and charged with one or more crimes. You’re in a difficult situation, no matter how serious or how minor those charges may be. Navigating through the legal system can be intimidating, terrifying, upsetting and full of procedures and processes that you will not understand. That makes trying to do it alone against the system is downright foolish if you value your freedom. That’s why your first move after being arrested should be to try and find the best criminal attorney that you can afford. That’s not an easy task, but finding the right one can have more of an impact on your case than any other action you take. Much like the system itself, finding an attorney can be a daunting task. Here are some things to consider as you start your search. Experience counts. Not only do you want an attorney with several years under his or her belt, but you also want them to have the kind of experience that most closely matches your case. Don’t hire a lawyer who specializes in drug cases if you’re facing an embezzlement charge. And despite their possible enthusiasm, don’t hire a fresh-faced attorney who’s just passed the bar exam, either. You’re going to war, and you want the best possible general to lead you into battle. Familiarity counts. It’s one thing to know Colorado law through and through, but it’s quite another to know the particular personalities of those who will use those laws against you. You want... Read More