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Sex-related offenses are extremely serious, and even more harrowing is the fact that upon conviction of serious sex offenses, Colorado judges are allowed to impose sentences that have no clearly defined endpoint. For example, a defendant who receives a sentence of two years to life should understand that they will be incarcerated for a minimum of two years with no defined maximum, and any length of incarceration will be followed by parole. Parole, however, is almost impossible to achieve, and if a defendant is paroled, the parole conditions are a rigorous program that lasts throughout the offender’s lifetime. Because of the extent and seriousness of the penalties associated with a sex crimes conviction, an experienced sex offender lawyer at the Denver Law Offices of Decker & Jones should be consulted immediately once you have been charged with a sex crime or if you know that you are being investigated for any kind of sexual offense.

Our Sexual Assault Defense Lawyers in Denver Help Good People Facing Bad Situations; We Can Help You, Too.

The mere accusation of a sexual offense can carry a stigma with it that can break up your family, take you away from your children, cost you your job, and follow you throughout the rest of your life, regardless of your guilt or innocence. These are difficult cases because they are the type of cases everyone, including prosecutors, love to hate. These cases are also dangerous because they can go all the way through a jury trial on nothing more than the statement of one witness and with little to no physical evidence. That is why you will want nothing less than a highly skilled, experienced, and aggressive defense that your sexual assault defense lawyer at the Denver Law Offices of Decker & Jones can provide. For more than a decade, the Denver criminal defense attorneys at Decker & Jones have been helping good people who are facing bad situations, and we offer compassionate, comprehensive legal services to those who have been charged with sex crimes in the Denver area. When you contact us to arrange your free initial consultation, you will not be judged by virtue of the sexual offense you are facing; we will treat you with the same dignity and respect we offer our loved ones.

An Experienced Denver Sex Crimes Attorney is Your Best Defense, Including Defense Against Date Rape Allegations

Because of the experience your sex crimes attorney has in defending clients in cases similar to yours, your defense attorney will know how to take swift action in questioning the credibility of the charges you are facing and calling into question whether a criminal trial should even be pursued. With Decker & Jones, you will have full benefit of the expertise of a criminal attorney who is extremely knowledgeable about the laws pertaining to sexual offenses and how best to defend your rights and pursue a favorable outcome to your case.

Cases of date rape can be very complicated and should be handled by a sex offender lawyer in Denver. The sex crimes lawyers at Decker & Jones are very knowledgeable in this difficult and complex area of the law and will first challenge the validity of the allegations against you in the event that dismissing or reducing the charges against you is feasible. Should your case proceed to trial, your Denver sexual abuse attorney is skilled in creating innovative legal strategies. We have represented clients in a wide range of cases, including but not limited to:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Date Rape
  • Nonconsensual Sex
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Prostitution
  • Internet Sex Crimes
  • Luring
  • Child Pornography

Sexual Assault Defense Against Accusations Relating to Children

If the charges against you relate to children, these are the charges for which the state will press the hardest to obtain a conviction and impose the most severe sentence possible. Your Denver sex crimes lawyer will work tirelessly to achieve a dismissal of your case in order to avoid what could be an emotionally laden, and therefore risky trial. In any case involving accusations related to children, it is extremely difficult to find a Denver judge, prosecutor, or even a jury who will presume that you are innocent. Child-related sex crimes can be among the most difficult cases to plea bargain, but it is critical to make every effort toward dismissal of your case and avoid trial. Your seasoned Denver sexual abuse attorney will scrutinize every piece of evidence and call in experts to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to provide you with the most bargaining power possible. The Denver sex crimes attorneys at Decker & Jones believe that you deserve the benefit of a thorough investigation whether the case goes to trial or not.

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