Denver Criminal Defense Attorneys Focus on Defending Sexual Offenses

Although Decker & Jones defends clients against a number of different charges, our specialized practice models for defending sexual offenses, domestic violence and internet based cases is what truly sets us apart from our peers. We have developed a large network of knowledgeable and experienced investigators and specialists who are trial tested experts in the areas of DNA, the internet, serology, computer forensics, ballistics, crime scene analysis, psychiatry and other key forensic sciences.

The foundation for our sexual offense cases has repeatedly been tested in trials and has produced numerous positive outcomes for our clients. We have achieved complete dismissal in many of them and settled scores of others, allowing our clients to resume their lives. Our specialized model incorporates specialized legal pleadings that challenge virtually all aspectsof a prosecutor’s case. Using experts investigative efforts and testimony at the right time, we can integrate psychological, medical or forensic evidence to achieve positive results. We also utilize sophisticated and advanced jury selection techniques, cross-examination and persuasion to help mount an effective defense strategy.

In addition, we recognize the highly charged nature of being accused of a sexual offense, and because we have extensive experience in this area, we can also anticipate how a prosecutor will try a case, how an alleged victim may act, and what a judge and jury will look for as the case progresses. Most of all, we are able to effectively counsel our clients as they work through a difficult situation, allowing them to maintain their focus and remain an asset to their own case.