Month: October 2017

Posted on |22 Jan 2018 | decker_admin

How to erase the evidence of an arrest in Colorado

If you’ve had a brush with the law in Colorado, there’s going to be a record of it that could follow you around for years, whether you’re guilty or not. Merely having an arrest record can make it tougher for… Continue reading

Posted on |15 Jan 2018 | decker_admin

The basics of an aggravated assault charge in Colorado

Aggravated assault is defined in many ways and varies from state to state. In Colorado, assault is broken down into three degrees, and each carries different penalties if convicted. First and second-degree assaults are felonies and are considered aggravated assault… Continue reading

Posted on |8 Jan 2018 | decker_admin

Domestic violence issues demand immediate attention

In Colorado, domestic violence cases are fast-tracked due to the serious nature of the crimes and the far-reaching implications they might have. Domestic violence can affect parenting rights, employment, current living situations and in some cases, a person’s gun rights.… Continue reading

Posted on |1 Jan 2018 | decker_admin

Identity theft laws and penalties in Colorado

With the advent of technology ruling our lives like never before, the rise of identity theft crimes has significantly impacted our society. Identity theft can take on many forms, each with its set of circumstances and resulting penalties. Identity theft.… Continue reading

Posted on |25 Dec 2017 | decker_admin

Defending against bank fraud charges

In a world of increasingly sophisticated technology, and despite the fact that banks take many precautions to safeguard their assets, charges of bank fraud are still common. In response, law enforcement has become more aggressive than ever, applying significant resources… Continue reading