Legal options when you are falsely accused

Whether it’s in the heat of the moment during a dispute or a long and drawn out argument that has turned nasty, sometimes things can go too far and you can be falsely accused of a crime you did not commit. Life 's hard enough when dealing with legitimate problems in your life, so when a false accusation is added to the heap, you can imagine the unnecessary strain and trouble it can produce. Fortunately, you have several options you can pursue to right this injustice. If another person has defamed you, you may have the grounds to file a libel or a slander lawsuit. Both actions involve someone making false and hurtful statements that can cause damage to a person’s reputation. The difference is that slander occurs when the statements in question are spoken to a third party, and libel takes place when the comments are made in writing or in some way are published. Slander and libel apply if you can show that the person made the statements and that they were false. Laws will vary from state to state and the damages you may be able to collect are calculated in many ways. For example, if you lose your job or have trouble finding a job due to the statements, the person in question could be on the hook for a relatively large amount of money in addition to possible compensation for things such as mental anguish or embarrassment. If someone makes false statements about you and... Read More

Eight facts you need to know about Colorado’s drunk driving laws

If you’ve been caught driving with alcohol in your system in Colorado, you’re going to need a good DUI attorney to help you work through your situation. You may get lots of well-intentioned advice from friends and family, but you need to know the facts as early as possible. Here’s are some things to consider: There are two levels of alcohol-related driving offenses, both based on BAC. They are Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (DUI) and Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI). The legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (also known as BAC) is 0.08% if you’re 21 years of age or older. It is 0.02% if you’re under 21 years old. For a DWAI, the legal limit is 0.05%. The Colorado DMV has the legal authority to suspend your license for DUI and DWAI offenses regardless of the status of any charges you may be facing in court. A DUI 1st offense can result in a license suspension of up to 9 months, a fine of up to $1,000, up to one year in jail, up to 96 hours of community service, and alcohol education classes. A DWAI 1st offense will result in 8 points toward a license suspension, a fine of up to $500, up to 180 days in jail, and up to 48 hours of community service. Penalties go up significantly for repeat offenders and may include the installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. If you fail a roadside sobriety test, you... Read More